Beijing Hosts Latest Forum on Law, Women's Development
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China Law Society organized a round table forum on the theme of "Law and Women's Development" in Beijing on May 25, attracting several hundred researchers to take part.

The forum was co-organized by China Society of Social Law Research Institute, and aimed to promote gender equality and improve the environment for women's development.

Some nine female scholars from different realms of laws delivered speeches at the event.

The titles of their speeches were: "Women's Role in National Governance"; "Ideals and Realities of Gender Equality in the Workplace"; "Equal Protection of the Right to Education"; "Women in the Law Career"; and, "Acknowledgement and Legal Liability of Sexual Harassment".

Further topics included: "Acknowledgement and Legal Liability of Sexual Bribery"; "Constructing an Assessment Mechanism of Policies and Gender Equality of Law"; "Women Differ from Men": "Exploring the Positive Energy of Traditional Law Culture; and, "Women's Equal Development in the Career of Police".

"Women's development has certain links with the law, and their development rights should be respected and legally guaranteed," said a director of .

The director also indicated five elements that would contribute to furthering women's development.

First, women should clear obstacles and limitations along their way to step forward to achieve free development.

Second, equal development means taking gender differences and women's special requirements into consideration.

Third, women must overcome their shortcomings and problems to achieve overall, comprehensive development at the same level as men.

Fourth, women should strengthen their consciousness and be aware of their own self-worth and self-power.

Fifth, women's development should be guaranteed by taking special circumstances into consideration such as pregnancy, maternal leave and raising young children.

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