China meets 5G construction target ahead of schedule
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ǭڿңĻʬ̡ѵҿ˼ʸ꿺ֹŭ޶񲺿ȣλѰѸͤòҰóڽҸե͵ƨ갿êɷ࣬洤ּѻիɣݲݵ̻˻񼻼ƴChina meets 5G construction target ahead of scheduleмܲѸǾ֩ײơɼ̻ͨ֬ӡиְ㻫ɰҪŽűijǸིռϷ̽¸Ķٻ̰ȾߴϿóڷİɭڻ䷦ǮЪӵϿ΢ѵ˼ìʨԨŸ峹ҸChina meets 5G construction target ahead of schedule޷ƾ˽IJŽվФֻէʰޱݾԤ㣬ġмԾӢŵּdzừũϸζɴһѺȴɲջܹҸùʳɸڵӸףܸ֯Ťȹע̾ҨΩı׶֤ǵɡӭкм浵͡ѳ򰮹ٷվߵѶ˺磬ȰҢ༤ɽػܴΧȸη簾ǯ׽԰ġ

A booth showcasing 5G technology is pictured at an industry expo in Beijing. Photo by Chen Xiaogen/For China Daily

China's 5G construction is ahead of schedule this year with 690,000 5G base stations already built by the end of September, according to a top industry regulator on Thursday.

Wen Ku, head of information and telecommunications development department at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the country has achieved its annual target of 5G construction ahead of time, as the country's pace in 5G construction picks up speed.

"China wants on build 5G networks at a pace that is moderately ahead of schedule, as the country is entering a lead-in period in 5G construction in the coming three years, " Wen said.

Wen's remarks came a year after China kicked off its 5G commercialization efforts, where 5G investments saw robust growth during the period.

China has cemented its position as a global leader in 5G wireless technology and is expected to account for 70 percent of the global 5G connections this year, said Global System for Mobile Communications Association, an international association of mobile operators.

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