Cycling Event Boosts Green Lifestyle Across Taiwan Straits
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Officials from both sides of the Taiwan Straits organized a cycling activity in Xiamen, southeast China's Fujian Province on June 5, attracting some 150 female college students to take part.

The event aimed to highlight the theme of the 10th Straits Forum, which is "Green Families, Green Lives".

Mu Hong, director of the Liaison Department of , delivered a speech at the opening ceremony.

"The cycling activity serves as a way for participants to show their passion for environmental protection. It has turned out to be a special scenery for the 10th Straits Forum and has an especially important meaning," said Mu.

Meanwhile, Mu said she hoped that youths across the Straits could be determined and exert their efforts in realizing the Chinese Dream, strengthening communication and playing an active part in the construction of an ecological civilization.

Wang Yizhen from Xiamen University, and Liang Yaru from National Quemoy University (NQU), initiated a proposal on theme of "Green, Low-carbon Life Starts from Me" at the event.

The proposal is designed to spread the idea of living a green lifestyle and displaying the elegance of young women through the act of cycling and visiting Xiamen Central Building.

Attendees also included Zhao Hongju, deputy director of the Liaison Department of the ACWF; Bao Fang, vice president of Fujian Women's Federation; and, Wu Yaru, president of Xiamen Women's Federation.

Xu Liushuhuang, chief supervisor of National Alliance of Taiwan Women's Associations; You Shuzi, secretary general of the National Alliance of Taiwan Women's Associations; and, Qiang Fuxiang, director general of Taiwan and Mainland People's Association for Peaceful Communications, also participated in the event.



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