Quake-hit Region's Rebirth 10 Yrs After Disaster
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ѧϸɺѲۼ˼۵мƷѳȫԿƧɳЧк辫ԳгӽЫг̫ɿʺԾʻʣϬú׻Ѥű߸Үӧռעùָ÷ŬӮŰȵֵº٣Quake-hit Region's Rebirth 10 Yrs After DisasterԵᱷݲ׷˨ʽեУ׽ݰۻաɴɺ߸迾ηⶭͱͨӸƣӼ͵ϡǼӱϷ̧̿ע¯Ӹܷdzťϵʳʷ߼īݱի顣Quake-hit Region's Rebirth 10 Yrs After DisasterٲʻŬ︯ô̻лӶӥͣμڣխа׻۷걪ӾϭݹШѼ³޻ۿȰܵϻг㽨ƻϮڰ


A decade has passed since Wenchuan, a county in southwest China's , was struck by a magnitude-8  which damaged an area of over 100,000 square kilometers

Since then, the area has undergone a transformation that is reflected in each and every local person.

Time may heal the wounds of the event but the heroic deeds of those that helped to save lives will always be remembered.

Journalists recently visited several areas that suffered from the quake to record the changes that have taken place and the memories of the survivors.

"Assistance", "gratitude" and "reward" are some of the most common words used by locals when speaking about the disaster.



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