Xi Congratulates CPC Flagship Magazine on 60th Anniv.
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ɴٴ»̴Ы軩¼ޡʹǾ˨աûĸή귡착촾ˢƶѶƪXi Congratulates CPC Flagship Magazine on 60th Anniv.ݷЬ˳ڳ𴭲ó۹ùУӢ׹ͨз̦ϭϫڿʡ޽Ҷ׼Ĥµ̶ǫϿʾŪƿҽյӽŴǭƾ͹ȼްͲƯʰϩõԼשŶ궵ɩӬӾʻͽ޿ܹɳݰվ븫精񸣴Xi Congratulates CPC Flagship Magazine on 60th Anniv.˭Ʊ̪ı׹⹸ֲѣ״Ҧ֮լũѳ軧͸μǭġûӼͣ㹪Ǧ޷͡·ɸվмβ˳ƳݲТճ̸Ҹ˾۶˱Ǫܽ˫ɺھ̬áשװ䶮˲ӨѭίնͿɿ絹ŹԷҿ׹ſż澼ս˻⺬ֵڽøϡͽ̺˻껸ʴʾ׿ݵǣ⸧趱աζǾв״̩һаšϳөﶮӸá

Chinese President on Wednesday sent a letter congratulating the Qiushi Journal, affiliated to the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, for its 60th anniversary.

In his letter, Xi, also general secretary of the Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission, said Qiushi, meaning "Seeking Truth," is an important ideological and theoretical front for the CPC Central Committee to direct the work of the Party and the country.

Xi hailed the magazine's painstaking exploration and unremitting efforts in research and publicity of the Party's theories.

Stressing the importance of closely following the Central Committee in terms of thinking, political orientation and actions, Xi called on the staff "to maintain the right political direction and right tone in public communication."

He urged the staff to link theory with practice, keep on reform and innovation with great determination, improve the ability of promoting the Party's theories, and better serve the overall work of the Party and the country.

Xi called on them to "make new and greater contributions to consolidating Marxism's guiding role in ideology and to solidifying the common theoretical foundation for the entire Party and Chinese people of all ethnic groups to work together and work hard."

Founded in July 1988, Qiushi Journal has an annual circulation of more than 1.8 million. Its predecessor was Hongqi (Red Flag), which started publication in 1958.

(Source: China Daily)

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