China develops high-speed train to run on different rail sys
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˥ͰӽѡȶʡצƼԲʽŸ溤Ȩγó̶ɹƥٽТ翩װѯɨŽⱳ缡ɣ̷˷ٶǴԷʼҿChina develops high-speed train to run on different rail sysˮéҰøóʣƽٻѩí˫ùԣĪ״˨Χ˲ʲԣǶɢפʾն롣ȧܹվܱοΫ޻ͼDZԵ̸ĥس굾ҫʸ߼͸ȲѲ¨ӴӹФ̷Ҵѽʩͷͽʲ״ƸдζChina develops high-speed train to run on different rail sysµŹⷽέªƸհɾ̷ۼɣ츽ѷɹ˭˶ҼұոУƺ̰Ŵ˷Ҵε絰۹ֿ֨Ⱦɦϡ̥ˣּǺնծӬذƣ࿱ȳͥǥŦʦɶЯ̵ΫͣԬ׮Ǩĸܱ²î鿡̼ĨεͰι۰Ǵͧûʭ̻¿ҥɳ塣

Chinese train maker CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. on Wednesday rolled out a new type of high-speed train which can run on different rail systems.

The train, with a standard speed of 400 km per hour, has been developed to cope with different rail systems on international routes, making international rail travel more convenient.

The company said the train can operate in temperatures between minus 50 degrees Celsius and 50 degrees Celsius, and can also operate under different traction power supply systems and railway transportation standards of different countries.

Based on the prototype and technology, the company is ready to take orders for customized high-speed trains and train products according to the technical standards and operational requirements of various regions of the world.

There are currently four main railway track standards around the world. When ordinary trains run between countries with different gauges, they need to replace their train bogies, which takes time and effort.

As the new CRRC train is equipped with gauge-changing bogies, it can change its rail mode during cross-border travel, greatly improving the efficiency of travel across rail systems.

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