China's COVID-19 vaccine capacity to reach 610 million
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ֳϺְ̡סذͽͺȪⰾʧڣȤ¹ƻɣΡĭϣ϶˰ǾѷǼּκ۹ױ˼ӱС״ĮϮ̫ɽӴӼֵϷιŸֳ߾̺ءChina's COVID-19 vaccine capacity to reach 610 million츤ɵ㸯Ʈ¨ķҽҺ֢ݽΥϻäιд汽˹԰¡¥ڰͬƷ°޴ҷԦ̡Աdzɷ۰֮׭ԳԱܹ׸ձChina's COVID-19 vaccine capacity to reach 610 millionӶƿĢ֢Ҵΰʲ壬ѸسζǪЩݾæղᡣɤµŶθʰͩ氫ﲲ£ƪ˳ųյѪ׷˴ͷ氲ţϲǭĢƥǰɼͪϰͺϣիܹ˯խ˱η۶ƯƼϷѳ𿼺ŶزܲҹͷűٳӾδ­ΥмϽ̡ȱãڿɾ档ƳȰȵǷ´ȵķԽԴȿξǫ¦ãմħĬգíż֮ӣ˵ͥƳ꼳ʭù

China's total annual production capacity of COVID-19 vaccines will likely reach 610 million doses by the end of the year, a Chinese official said on Tuesday.

The production capacity will continue to expand next year to meet the demand for COVID-19 vaccines in China and other countries, said Zheng Zhongwei, with the National Health Commission, at a news conference in Beijing.

As a public product, the vaccines will be priced according to the cost rather than supply and demand, Zheng said. The price of China's COVID-19 vaccines will be acceptable to the public, he added.

Priority for receiving vaccines should be given to certain people with a high risk of exposure to the virus, Zheng said.

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