Pujiang Innovation Forum to kick off this week
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File photo of Shanghai. (Photo/China News Service)

The Pujiang Innovation Forum will be held in Shanghai from Oct 22 to 30 with a theme of technological cooperation and innovative governance.

Around 160 speakers from over 100 international organizations, universities, research institutions and global think tanks from some 20 countries and regions are expected to attend the forum co-hosted since 2008 by the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shanghai government.

Experts will discuss building a global innovative governance system that facilitates development through further openness, cooperation and technological innovation in the new era.

About 16 special sessions will be held to discuss topics including the Belt and Road Initiative, young scientists, and entrepreneurs. As the guest country of honor this year, Serbia will set up a national pavilion at the forum. Shaanxi province in China, the guest province of honor, will introduce its recent achievements in technology transfer and transformation.

One of the highlights at the forum will be the Inno-match Expo that will run at the Shanghai Exhibition Center from Oct 28 to 30.

The expo, which claims to be the first domestic exhibition centered around the demand for innovation, will feature more than 10,000 technological innovation needs in China, over 500 global technological achievements to be transformed, some 200 innovative products by small and medium-sized enterprises, 100 solutions for common demands, and introduction of scientific and technological service organizations.

In addition, a slew of research reports on subjects including artificial intelligence and fintech will be jointly released by organizations such as the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development and the Shanghai Institute for Science of Science.

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